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The ISU-152 is well-known for its 152mm BL-10 gun. With its extreme alpha damage, as well as penetration that laughs at the armor of most tier 10 tanks, this is an exceptionally dangerous tank destroyer. The gun, of course, fires at the average rate for 122-152 mm guns at tier 8, has horrific handling (Typically Russian), and takes long to aim MOD_ERROR: 152mm BL-10 Heavy Tank Gun - AWG, in file: C:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850\1620801861\Data\CubeBlocks_Cannon_BL10.sbc Could not find component blueprint for MyObjectBuilder_Component/Staliniu

ISU-152-1 with 152,4mm BL-8 gun ISU-152-2 with 152,4mm BL-10 gun History: The first prototype, named ISU-152-1, was built and tested in 1944 during the second world war. It was equipped with the long 152,4mm BL-8 high power gun, which fired the BR-540B APHEBC projectile with a muzzle velocity of. As a result, the 152mm BL-10 was developed Object 247 (ISU-152-2) Object 247 (ISU-152-2) with the 152 mm BL-10. This vehicle is distinguishable by the length of its barrel (it was slightly shorter compared to the BL-8), its muzzle brake, and its altered gun replicator. The Object 247 fitted the 152 mm BL-10 gun, an improvement of the BL-8 Most players do not make use of the BL-9S on their way to the BL-10. The BL-9S is a very large grind on its own, arguably not a particularly better gun than the stock 152mm with HEAT ammunition. Most players consider the BL-9S to not be worthwhile, considering its huge cost. The BL-9S is a gun almost identical to the T8 heavy IS-3's gun World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review - Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New Chinese Tank Destroyers, New 30 vs 30 Grand Battle Game Mode, Features and More. World of Tanks T-54 First Prototype Gameplay.

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152mm_BL-10 2 points 3 points 4 points 2 years ago In that case, I would suggest you spending at least 2 hours a day since you need to boost both math and English scores. You could try to figure out which area of the two is relatively easy for you and focus on getting a near 800 in that area and strive for a 700 in the other one 152-mm howitzer M1938 (M-10) (Russian: 152-мм гаубица обр. 1938 г. (М-10)) was a Soviet 152.4 mm (6 inch) howitzer of World War II era. It was developed in 1937-1938 at the Motovilikha Mechanical Plant by a team headed by F. F. Petrov.Although production of the gun was stopped in 1941, it saw combat with the Red Army until the end of World War II and remained in service until. 152mm BL-10: V-54K: P-113: Firepower - 386. Firepower. Average Damage per Shot (HP) Clearly you aren't old enough to remember the ISU prior to the removal of the BL-10. That's the selling point, and it's a big one at that. 260 to 286 pen is a pretty hefty jump for standard shells. I'll take the BL-10 any day over whatever garbage. 152mm BL-10 gun soun

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4-3, 10-1, T3/T4 Royal Tech Box: Notes: Fires 1 volley with 4 projectiles in an arc towards the target. Blueprints used in E- Research: 45 Blueprints can be exchanged for Triple 152mm (BL 6 Mk XXV Prototype) blueprints through research. Pattern Animatio 152mm BL-10 - posted in Tank Destroyers: I definitely think we need another gun or a better stock gun on the 704. Right now its BL-10 or nothing Sounds are divided into 30 types and calibres, and modification guns 152mm BL-10, 100mm U-8TS and 122mm M62-T2 [] Mod - fiery exhaust, like Franken-tank 7.3. by admin on October 14, 2020. Hello everybody, Recently, the network has a new, small but very entertaining modification that adds a fiery exhaust, like Franken-tank on all the tanks. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this 152mm BL-10 Gun Barrel conversion for ISU-152 or Obj.704 (#) from Empire Model. Stash. Login to manage your stash. Wishlist (1 mates) Stash (0 mates) Nobody. Started (0 mates) Nobody. Completed (0x) Nobody . Related products. Detail and Conversion sets

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Mar 19, 2016 - ISU-152 with the BL-10 experimental long 152mm ISU-152 and the BL10 - posted in Tank Destroyers: Tigger66, on Jun 13 2011 - 23:13, said: its a hell of a gun sure, but it dont need a nerf. hell the tanks its mounted on arnt hard to kill if you know what you are doing Then the Ferdy should get the JagTiger 128 L68 top gun to balance it out. I can dream of an op Ferdy again In August, 1944, the BL-8 gun was replaced with the 152.4 mm BL-10 (БЛ-10) long barrel gun, which had the same ballistics, but with differences including a modified muzzle brake and a different breech block, and the self-propelled gun was designated ISU-152-2 (ИСУ-152-2) (ISU-152-2). Its factory designation was Object 247 (Объект 247) The standout vehicles would be either the ISU-152 or the Obj. 704 because of their 152mm BL-10 gun, which gives you 750 damage per shot starting at tier VIII. This line is more of what someone would expect a tank destroyer to be, and is the best first choice for new players Page 1 of 3 - what do you think about 152 mm refractors that are achromatic - posted in Refractors : I just bought a astro 152mm achromatic telescope for under $500.00 with a apo filter. Do you think it was a good buy. What are the pit falls of this refractor? Thanks

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ISU-152-2 I was wondering, why we dont see the ISU-152-2 with the Bl-10 gun! Prototypes where built, there are even pictures of this monster! Even if this monster never saw action, we also have the mouse and the tiger 2-10.5 in the game! Also the Is-8 aka T-10m is ingame, a prototype that never s.. 152mm BL-10 Gun Barrel conversion for ISU-152 or Obj.704 Empire Model 1:35. 2015 | New tool + Actions Stash. Release history. A histogram showing the amount and spread of releases: 2015. 2015 . Based on our records the first release by Empire Model was roughly 5 years ago in the year 2015 152mm BL-10 - posted in Tank Destroyers: Something is really bothering me with this slow firing cannon. I get a lot of hits that leave visible damage on the target, with my crew shouting things like Critical hit! It went right through them! and so on, and yet the target takes no damage. Ive left gaping holes in the fronts of a variety of targets but dealt zero damage Thing is, you have to remember its called the troll cannon for a reason on the ISU. the 286 pen it has is more than capable of penning ALOT of tier X tanks Dont worry about it though, At least now you have the BL-10 unlocked, When you get the Obj 704 you will only need 20k XP to get the track upgrade and you will already start off with the BL. Dear tankers, Present to you the sound mode replaces the standard sound of gunfire on historical guns. Sounds are divided into 30 types and calibres, and modification guns 152mm BL-10, 100mm U-8TS and 122mm M62-T2 have their own sound, which is not used in other these caliber guns. Mod is collected on the basis o

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It fitted the improved BL-10 gun, which had a maximum range of 18,500 m firing a 43.56 kg HE shell, featuring a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s with 3 rounds per minute. During testing, it was discovered that it could penetrate 203 mm of armor at 90 degrees from up to 2000 m away, but the barrel integrity and angle of horizontal guidance were poor Jun 16, 2018 - ISU-152 with high powered gun, either a 130mm or the 152mm BL-10 The 152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20) (Russian: 152-мм гаубица-пушка обр. 1937 г. (МЛ-20)), is a Soviet heavy gun-howitzer.The gun was developed by the design bureau of the plant no 172, headed by F. F. Petrov, as a deep upgrade of the 152-mm gun M1910/34, in turn based on the 152-mm siege gun M1910, a pre-World War I design by Schneider Supplemental firepower came from 20 x 6 (152mm) BL Mk XIII guns and 10 x 3 (76mm) guns. Torpedoes could be launched by way of 3 x 21 (533mm) tubes carried. Armor protection ranged from 229mm thickness at the belt to 64mm maximum on the deck. Her barbettes were protected up to 229mm and her turrets up to 305mm

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Trumpeter 1/35 02323 Soviet ML-20 152mm Howitzer Mod 19737(Standard) model kit. AU $35.42. shipping 1/35 Ark Models German Howitzer 10.5mm Self Propelled Gun Wespe # 35013 Sealed. AU $38.81. AU $59.71. shipping: + AU $19.58 shipping . M777 HOWITZER 155mm Model ~ 3D PRINTED 1:30 1:35 1:32 1:56 1/72 1/87 1:100 *1676 British Gun BL 8-inch. Gun: 100mm A20, 152mm houfnice 43,5/675, 152mm J2 Armor: 20mm front, 10mm sides. With excellent camouflage, I believe this vehicle could be pretty viable, just as the Hellcat is now, without excessive armor. If this works as tier 10, the rest of the branch would be pretty easy to put together. Source: M.Dubánek - Od bodáku po tryskáč The example I have is a 152mm lens (s35 4-perf equivalent focal length would be ~75mm I think), in superb condition, functioning PERFECTLY. Smooth focus, aperture functioning perfectly, staying perfectly round (Broken) 152mm 2A83 Smoothbore Tank Gun - AWG. Created by AWG. This gun was made for Torradin and is just an upscaled, identical 125mm.----- Support my work and (in WCP) (Fixed) 17Pdr Penetrative Anti-Tank Gun - AWG. Created by AWG (Fixed) 152mm BL-10 Heavy Tank Gun - AWG

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Decreases the gun reload time by 10% if your vehicle's HP drops below 10%. Works only if the skill progress has reached 100%. Brothers in Arms / Sisterhood of Steel. Increases the training level of your crew members by 5% Jul 31, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by El Trapard. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Worldwide Equipment Guide Sep 2001 Introduction This Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG) serves as an interim guide for use in training, simulations, and modeling until the publication of equipment FM Hegesztőgépek óriási választékban, rendkívüli kedvezményekkel, közvetlenül az importőrtől! Ipari és kisipari felhasználásra. Megbízhatóság, precizitás, minőség minden körülmények között. A koppintós AWI-tól a MIG/MAG (CO) hegesztésig szinte minden típus megtalálható 100A-tól 500A-ig For the Mark XXII, HMS Southampton had 1 inch (2.54 cm) armor all around while HMS Gloucester had 3.9 inch (10 cm) glacis plate armor with the rest 2 in (5.1 cm). For the Mark XXIII, HMS Edinburgh had 3.9 inch (10 cm) glacis plate and the rest 2 in (5.1 cm) EVOlution Graphics B.V. Hilversum, The Netherlands KvK 60955899 VAT Nr. NL854134098B0

Tags: BL 9, Tank Destroyer, T110 Heavy Tank, BL 6 Inch Gun Mk XIX, Mountain Gun, 152Mm BL 10, 10 Cannons, MK 71 8 Inch, Kubinka Tank Museum, WW2 Big Guns, Rifle 10 Inch, 152 mm Shell, Breech-Loading Gun, American Prototype Tanks, Morlina S2 BL 10, ISU-152 Tier X Gun, ISU-152 Firing, Object 704 Tank, ISU-152 Tank, Isu- 152K, Kalibre Gun, Us Self. BL. single mounts . 25,700 yards @ 30° (14.6 miles) with a 380 lb. HE shell . 10. 6/45 (152mm) BL. single mounts *Colour: Bl ack (As Pictures Show) *Model: T344D *Material: HCS * Total Length: 152mm / 5.98 in (Approx.) * Work Length: 125mm / 4.92 in (Approx.) * Teeth spacing: 4mm / 0.16 in (Approx.) * Application range: 5-100mm / 0.20-3.94 in (Approx.) Package Contents: 10 *Saw blade 1 Academy Buildings 2 Lecture Hall 3 Tactical Class 3.1 Skill Books 4 Munition Shop 4.1 General Shop 4.2 Merit Shop 4.3 Core Exchange 4.4 Prototype Shop 5 Canteen and Merchant The Academy has six functioning buildings, clockwise from the top. Lecture Hall Tactical Class Munition Merchant Canteen Medallion The Lecture Hall, enables up to five ships to gain exp similar to the Dorm but with. This page refers to the TK soviet pistol, for the Japanese tankette see Type94 Light Armoured Car 'TK'. The TK (GAU Index: 56-A-112) is a Soviet semi-automatic pistol developed in the 1920s. The TK is of simple blowback type, a safety is located on the left side of the frame, above the trigger. The magazine catch is located at the bottom of the grip. The grip panels came in a number of.

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DeWalt DCD701N 12V Max 152mm 57.5Nm BL LED 1500Rpm Trigger 2.5lb [ Bare Tool ] $129.95. Free shipping . DeWalt DCF809 18V (20V Max) Impact 190Nm BL Motor 130mm LED 2lbs EMS / Bare Tool. $189.95. shipping: + $10.00 shipping . Milwaukee DCF902 BL 10.8V/12V 2x2.0Ah 1000Rpm 168Nm 9.5mm LED 125mm Charger_220V STATICTEC STP10152254 | Védőtasak; ESD; L: 254mm; W: 152mm; Thk: 76um; 100db tenis de mesa. Tendencias. Hombre 6 (152mm) Heel, 1 1/2 (38mm) Platform Two Tone Lace-Up Front Sequined Ankle Boot Faeturing Rhinestone Accents in Mid Platform, Inside Zip Closure BLONDIE-R-1020 Blk Sequins/Blk, 6 Heel, 1 1/2 P

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